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Avoiding Message : Break Distinct count measures into seperate measure groups

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I was stuck on creating DistinctCount measures in my cube. In fact it’s easy but sometimes you cannot see the way clearly.

When you try to convert any measure’s Aggregation type to DistinctCount it does not give you error but it is marked with blue underline and says ‘Break Distinct count measures into seperate measure groups’

When you see this message normally you try to create New Measure Group and think to put this measure to this group. But when you try to add new measure group you see that you cannnot choose the same Fact Table.  You see your Fact table in already used table.

And also when you right click the Column in your Fact Table from Data Source View Pane and choose ‘New Measure From Column’ then new measure is added to the existing Measure Group and you cannot change the Measure Group again.

So what to do is.

Just go to your cube and right click. Choose “Distinct count” from the begining.

When you click ok. The new Measure Group will be created automatically. And you wont see any warning messages.

I hope this post helps anyone who was stuck on creating Distinct Count Measure like me.


Analysis Services 2008 R2 Performance Guide

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Analysis Services 2008 R2 Performance Guide from sqlcat has just released.

That is the link

Download pdf